Saturday, February 26, 2005

Welcome, and don't be confused by the date

Welcome to my blog "PearlsbeforeSwine," Jayson's Critical Paradise. (To download "Rumor Bomb" essay, please go to sidebox "categories," click on "mywritings" and then "The Rumor Bomb: American Mediated Politics...")
I. Who Am I?
II. Aspirations for the Blog

Who am I? I am Assistant Professor in the Department of International Communications, American University of Paris, France. I teach Political communication (for me, the interesection of rhetorical and media studies in the context of political theory), Media and Gender, Global Advocacy, Theories of the Public Sphere, and other courses in critical media and cultural studies. I'm academically trained in Media and Cultural Studies (M.A. University of Illinois) and political communication/rhetorical studies (Ph.D. Northwestern University). I also have a background in literature, and graduate concentrations in social, cultural and political theory. Relatedly, I was a journalist (arts and living) writer for the Lawrence (Ks) Daily Journal World, from 1996-1997. And still more: I have a background and interest in music and cultural studies thereof. I was a dj on WNUR in Chicago/Evanston for six years during grad school. I continuously hosted a show featuring the intersection of classic country music with indie, punk, electronic and R&B genres. Less consistently, I dj-ed a slot on the New Rock show. Write for more information.
For those of you in a hurry to find particular posts on particular subjects, say, film or politics, please go to the right-sidebar index of CATEGORIES I've added.

This page allows friends and foes to view my academic and (at least in ambition) public criticism and engage in discussion, argument, criticism. (Don't be confused by the 2007 date on this post; it was necessary to keep this welcome at the top of the page)

Come in and contribute, dialogue, argue. I greatly value well-argued disagreements with my positions. Supposedly, that's a vital element in what democracy and its necessary media of public expression need to survive.

This blog will contain a number of things:
1. My ongoing commentary on current events, some more in the realm of culture/entertainment/education/business than in politics. But there will be plenty of politics. I am most interested in criticism of the style of political communication, access to representation in media, what academics call the agenda-setting power of the news media, the political production and uses of public opinion, the role of PR in politics, and the relation of war propaganda to supposedly peacetime democratic communication.
2. Links to files of my ongoing academic studies: in political communication/rhetoric, media and democratic theory, and the relation of power and ideology to entertainment.
3. My film reviews and music reviews.

Thanks for coming.