Monday, February 27, 2006

The Rumor Bomb: A Convergence Theory of American Mediated Politics [click here to download]

Abstract: The "Rumor Bomb" is a theory of contemporary American mediated politics, an actual state of affairs, and a particular rhetorical strategy. This paper argues that only through a convergence theory of media, culture and politics, can one begin to understand how and why rumor is the arme de choix of the American political present. That convergence is marked by the increasing presence of PR driving American politics (electoral and issue campaigns, media agendas, and representations of governance) throughout the 20th century; the effects of speed in mediation and circulation of information; the effects of speed and new technologies such as the internet and satellite broadcasting on news as a profession; the rise of infotainment and tabloidization in news and fierce market competition partly behind such trends; and the technocratization of American politics which in communication style and strategy mirrors war propaganda techniques. Paul Virilio's theory of "pure war" and the information bomb is used to frame the discussion. Click on title link above to download paper.

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Steve said...

Jayson, I really like your paper about the rumor bomb. And I concur. The most disturbing thing is the near hopelessness of the future you mention down near the end. My own vision of where we are headed includes some very unpleasant scenarios for "trial by fire" that will be required to cleanse our society. And I don't particularly care to be part of it. But there seems to be nowhere left to hide in our new global economy/society. So what is left? Just ride it out? ARGH!