Sunday, March 26, 2006

RIP Buck Owens

I'm going to re-post these comments I made on the colicky blog . I just heard that Buck Owens died. Buck is a legend. He popularized a distinctive classic country style with songs like "Together Again," "Tiger By the Tail," "Hello Trouble," and the one sung at my wedding: "My Heart Skips a Beat." Like a lot of country stars, his later years were a caricatural shadow on his youth. Hee Haw was rural minstrelsy on a par with "O Brother Where Art Thou" (that my educated East Coast friends can't get that is exactly my point). His s-lo-w baby talk to his Japanese audience on his live Japan tour album is also regretable. But the guy was human, and he wrote some damned good little ditties. At least I think so. And my opinion matters. After all, you're reading me. Thanks for acknowledging Buck, STDPM. Buck is dead: long live Buck!

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le Meg said...

For my money (and honey), Buck Owens will always be the #1 oddly romantic classic country singer of all time.

Hello trouble? Mmmm mmmmm good.