Sunday, April 02, 2006

Detournement, Bricolage, poaching, jamming satire--DIY ads

A recent internet phenomenon has been "make your own ads" sponsored by various corporations as ways to make consumers feel like they have some agency in what corporations do. It is also cheaper than hiring those neo-Bernaysians from Leo Burnett to do the job. Hopefully all the people who enjoy giving their shot at making it big in advertising can be salvaged in a transfer of excitement into buying their products. It also is a strategy based on the appropriation of punky DIY traditions, which again give people a feeling of agency even resistance.

A way of jamming these efforts, in the spirit of Adbusters , has been to use their ad opportunities to criticize the company, even larger consumer society, itself. See for example this recent example a friend sent me: click.
If nothing else they are consolation for excluded voices and actual lack of agency in corporate organization of daily life. But who knows, the internet works in mysterious ways. This week I'll post a related article on a video-game technology internet film a kid in the banlieu of Paris made last November to critique the media framing of the riots. Stay tuned.

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