Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bush admonishes the name-callers

Right, Mr. "With us or Against Us." Be considerate of views with which you disagree. That is what Bush claimed in a speech yesterday. Yes, that would be a first step, respecting your political opponents and fellow citizens. But if you stop there that's just another facet of this hyper-irrationalist faith-based, multicultural politics where you've got your beliefs and I've got mine, so let's just respect one another. Meanwhile, behind the screen of mutual respect for "beliefs" powerful forces are at work undermining the policy implications of those others' disagreeable beliefs and enacting their own "belief agenda." You "believe" that condom-based sex ed. prevents pregnancies, based on your studies and facts. I believe you cant trust them, produced by liberals, highly biased. I believe abstinence is more moral and ultimately effective. Belief trumps data. But oh yeah, I was talking about respecting different positions. How about we take that one step further and actual engage different positions and their ARGUMENTS? Now that would be a novel experiment.

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