Thursday, May 25, 2006

P.S. U.S. Immigration "Debate"

Unmentioned in my last post and dialogue in the comments section is the fact that Mexican-American voter turnout is quite low. Thus, the rumor bomb-type strategy to occupy the media-public-legislative agenda with a subject that will cause spectacular conflict is of very little risk to those in the Republican party who wish to shore up dissent in their ranks. As usual, the Democrats are unable to counter these attempts to highjack the media agenda, which leads to their support of this newly constructed public and legislative agenda. Hey, they don't want to miss this train come election time, because it's not the Mexican-Americans who will be doing the re-electing. Or have they underestimated their possible backlash? Though they historically are a potentially large voting bloc that doesn't turnout, will this legislation about to be passed end up mobilizing them?

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