Thursday, May 25, 2006

Tom Delay, Colbert, Greenwald

(Yes, I'm on a two-day posting roll)
So Republican Rep. Tom Delay has been indicted in Texas for campaign fund-raising violations. But who would've guessed that he's using the Colbert Report as support for his legal-defense fundraising campaign? In this clip, Colbert interviews Robert Greenwald about his film"The Big Buy: How Tom DeLay Stole Congress,"which may be used as evidence in court against Delay. But Greenwald doesn't hold up well against Colbert's parodic, domineering, O'Reilly-like questioning. What does Delay and co. do but appropriate the clip for their cause! See also the NY Times article on Greenwald and his film, where the Times refers to Greenwald as "the Hollywood producer and liberal provocateur Robert Greenwald." They can't just address the claims of the films or even report that someone called Greenwald a "liberal provocateur." What superior entertainment to just reduce opposing voices to liberal and conservative provocateurs.

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