Friday, June 16, 2006

"Flag Burning" : That Old Chestnut

My trusty Yahoo headlines have alerted me to the fact that the Senate is considering an anti-flag burning bill...again. We're seeing the standard Republican repertoire lately(of xenophobia, homophobia, and anti-flag-pyromania), which is a sign that there's an attempt to shift the attention to a new front, i.e. the Iraq front is dominating the media agenda (along with White House corruption stemming from Rove), and the Republicans are trying their best to spin and shift attention. Iraq is not a losing matter, we're told. Things are looking up, we're told, especially now that Zarqawi has been killed. And yet they are hounded by the recalcitrance of the real, which returns again and again to be the skunk at their PR picnics. In the same bunch of headlines, I also learned that we've reached another landmark in the war on terror in Iraq: 2500 American men dead. Better send out some press releases about flag-burning, gay marriage, immigration, perhaps drugs. Anything to avoid admission that Iraq has been the biggest American foreign adventure failure since Vietnam.

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