Friday, June 09, 2006

Timing is everything

More stories about divisive votes and the U.S. divided by hot "cultural" issues like gay rights.
More desperate attempts by Republicans to suture the fragile and torn coaltion of gay-friendly unzealous neo-liberal fat cats and extremist zealous, homophobic, racists (click here for the latest bill defeated in the senate by widely covered by the news). As mentioned in previous posts, the Republican elite have been scurrying around trying to assemble PR crisis rhetoric to manage the disenchantment in the rank and file. Perhaps it's working. In any case, this is the game.

By the way, speaking of the game, you are encouraged to binge drink and run naked on the occasion of the capture of Zarqawi ("most wanted") dead in Iraq yesterday. How dramatic. You wage a war to prevent the spread of terrorism and supposedly to bring bin Laden to justice, and you end up spreading and attracting terrorism and have no idea where the elusive evil genius has gone. But forget about the past. Today the show in Lotus land is the capture of a villain. If things had been looking bad, it's your fault for not steeling your patriotic resolve and hanging in there. Good always triumphs over evil. Gotta go dance in the street. Ciao.

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