Monday, September 04, 2006

How many Iraqi Civilians Must Die For Freedom?

Last year, I would sporadically gather weekly Iraq civilian and American military casualty headlines from my yahoo browser. I just started doing it again, because I was so astonished by headlines that it's not getting much better (well,actually it was a story whose hopeful headline announced that deaths are "down"). After awhile, last year, I became so depressed by them that I suffered casualty fatigue,probably what
Bartleby felt sorting dead letters. I preferred not to and so stopped gathering them.

But again I'm reminded these numbers are people with families, friends, loved ones, pets, dreams, like the rest of us. I'm also reminded that they died for a shallow at best and opportunistic at worst understanding of freedom and security for Iraqis and Americans.
Consider in this context a recent Yahoo circulated story from the wires: "Iraq deaths down despite new carnage," By Alastair Macdonald Fri Sep 1.
Farther down in the article one learns that "The
United Nations...calculated civilian violent deaths at 100 a day in May and June." Furthermore, "[t]otal civilian deaths in July, including nearly 2,000 dead in Baghdad's morgue, were estimated by officials at over 3,000." The good news, this article says, is that "partial" information from the Iraq Defense Ministry and Health Ministry suggest the deaths are down considerably due to military crackdown in Baghdad. Fair and balanced here. You decide.

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Steve said...

I don't think you are alone in your casualty fatigue. In fact, I think the entire country has Iraq fatigue. I'm hoping it will spell doom for incumbents who supported this fiasco, resulting in a significant change of course. Sadly, it will be too late for those who have died, or to savlage our national dignity (something we haven't had for a long long time.)