Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dr. Strangelove's Many Flavors

The NY Times headlines today read: "Rice Asserts U.S. Plans No Attack on North Korea."
Well, what a relief! I mean just like S. Hussein, Kim Jong-il is no Nobel Peace candidate. In academese: he sucks.

If you don't understand my last sentence: do not quote me out of context, ye haters of honesty. I don't like Kim Jong-il. There it is.

But we will never hear in the NY Times or the London Telegraph,etc. that many people around the world actually fear the Bush regime's monopoly on weapons of mass destruction. It may, just maybe, occur to them that there's something lopsided and colonialist about the fear of brown, yellow, and black people with weapons of mass destruction, without at the same time denouncing such weapons as a threat to humanity itself and admitting that the West has a dubiously proud tradition of using its new weapons technologies to commit acts of genocide.

And that is not all. The headline provides a sickening entertainment drama frame: suspense. Will the heroic U.S. attack the villainous N. Korea? Not just yet. Stay tuned.
And still more: need I mention the moral and military failure of such "attacks" in recent history?
Dr. Strangelove comes in many flavors.
Addendum one day later: Yahoo headline of the moment is "Bush says U.S. won't attack North Korea." Yes, definitely rumor bombs being launched in desperation.


Anonymous said...

I think this is nothing more than a new rumor bomb. Let's start with Foley - every informant involved in bringing his situation to light was a Republican. Why would they do such a thing to one of their own, particularly in light of the looming gloom of the coming election? Could it be they had to quickly create a diversion to distract the public from their work just prior, literally hours, where they gutted habeas corpus and authorized the president to use torture?

But wait, the Speaker is getting dragged down too! Can't have that! How about if N. Korea suddenly tests a nuclear device? Could (did?) that distract us enough to save Hastert?

Here's the thing - the level of tension and anxiety is ratcheting up among the American public because of these constant, and more frequent, crises that are put before us, and the emotional swings, the drama, that we all experience every single day. Do you think it's an accident that we are having more and more school shootings and other outrageous acts? I do not.


Jayson said...

Quite probable, Steve. I'm surprised at myself for not crying "rumorbomb!" But I would add that these crises are manufactured to appeal to people trained for the pleasure of TV melodrama, westerns,etc. Everyone always loves suspense, their mood swings during the drama,etc. Politics is modelled off of mediocre TV. They know that. Good to hear from you, STeve.

Stronger Than Dirt Pete Moss said...

Good old Kerry Thornley (with whom I used to correspond several years ago, when he was alive, rest his soul) used to call this sort of fear-inducing misinformation by the term "fnord." Wikipedia it.

In other Strangelove news, I have gotten a few blog hits recently from an Iranian university's IP address for "Dr. Strangelove" -- is a popular file-hosting service. I'm not sure what this means, but it could mean something.