Friday, October 27, 2006

Man Ages 8 years in two minutes

Normally, I don't go too tabloid on you here, but I have to admit I found this kind of cool.


Steve said...

I love it! Very funny.

Hey, I also like the new color scheme on your site. It looks really nice, and is a lot easier to read than the old decor.

How about this latest rabbit the republicans have pulled out of their hat, the gay marriage thing in New Jersey. I swear, if this election tips the wrong way on the back of all that is base about America, I may finally have to face the fact that it's time to leave. Argh!

Jayson said...

Hi, S. Welcome Back. Thanks for the words about the color change,etc. Yes, trying to make it a little easier on the eye.
New Jersey? Yeah, so many things to talk about, I can't keep up. Looks like the election is really heating up over there.