Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nothing but More Good News

What a mess, this world, but particularly the U.S., that oldest living democracy in it. I can't stand when news space gets colonized by politicians' sex scandals, but...I must say that there's a fierce political irony to this scandal's particular content. This is a representative, Foley, of a party whose brand has been sold on claims that it is unholy and un-human for men to have loving relations with men, and that they can get married in hell if they like. John Kerry was accused of being insensitive and out of line when he outted Dick Cheney's daughter on national television, but the real scandal was that Cheney had marched right along to the homophobic drum of his party, not minding at all that homophobia was a major point in his party's brand identity. Now this.
They try to seduce millions of Americans susceptible to racism and homophobia with distracting issues that will never really amount to much legislatively (a flag burning or gay marriage amendment to the Constitution; stopping the tide of immigrants from Mexico, as if a fence is going to do it, while their buddies dine at restaurants that would close in a day if the Mexican help disappeared and whose manicured lawns would grow into fines from the local weed inspector). All the while, plenty of them practice exactly the opposite of what they preach, though it's true, the contents of their sermons are so strategically ambiguous that people can make whatever they want out of them (and here I would include many Democrats as well). As if we needed any more reason to understand why Americans want nothing to do with politics. The Founders were far from perfect, but this bunch has brought shame to the best of their governmental creations and civic hopes. Even more, they have systematically sought to undermine them. As usual quite a few interesting posts on all of this at crooksnandliars.com.

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