Thursday, December 14, 2006

(Revised 12/14/2006)From September to March!

From September to March!

Women of the Repbulique,
We give you boots, boots!
Brave men of the Republique,
We give you femmes, femmes!
Women of the Republique,
We give you boots, boots!

Armies, Armies, Armies!

Sex in the city
"liberated boots."
"We feel good in boots."
"It's not for them boots."
"It is for us boots."
Women power boots.
Androscopophilic boots.
Les francaises are boots?

High-heeled ankle-bending boots;
“Tres Sexy” leopard-skin boots;
Pointy-toed canoe shaped boots.

“Ladies” over 22,
Get in your boots, boots!
Girls of the banlieue,
We give you boots, boots!

Boots, boots,
Over yer foots,
The boots you wear,
The boots you are,
Fran├žaises in boots:
Feel the power!

Boots, boots,
Over yer foots;
Together in boots
The better you feel
Ignore the pain
Ignore your heels.

Boots, boots,
Things on your foots—

Liberty Boots,
Fraternity Boots,
Equality Boots--
Et ou sont les bottes d'antan?*

Do not ask, young prince,
in a day, a week, a year,
but remember this chorus:

Always leather,
boots, boots, boots, boots!
From September to March.

Note: this will probably be revised every few days; check back if ya please--Jayson Harsin, Dec. 3, 2006

*Thanks to Satchmo for "les bottes d'antan"


Anonymous said...

Jayson, I'm really enjoying the translated poetry. Thank you.


Jayson said...

Glad you're enjoying them, Steve. Some of them are mine, others I just translated. Some times call for poetry. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Is there some kind of latent foot fetish being revealed here?



Jayson said...

You're a brave man, Steve. 'Tis but you and I here in the comments. These other lurkers--and the stats tell me there are millions!--are too cowardly to tell me how much they think this sucks.

Oh, foot fetish? Well there's ALWAYS the unconscious, as far as I am concerned. But on the level I understand better, I can't stand the Orwellian overtones in especially female Parisian fashion and general self-important foppishness. But I'm a crank, and it's late autumn, and...