Sunday, January 21, 2007

Colbert on O'Reilley, vice-versa

So, I've been away from the political-media stuff recently, but luckily I just ran in to this Colbert-O'Reilly material. Of course the Comedy Central Kings Colbert and Stewart are much hated by O'Reilly and vice-versa. How the Comedy Central voices are received by a broader demographic will be interesting to note. No doubt the sparring has raised the curiosity of many who knew very little about Colbert or Stewart, moving them to sample the shows, though the O'Reilly framing of them is vitriolic. It will be interesting to gauge the reception long-term. Perhaps the O'Reilly-Limbaugh productions are entering a new phase, finally held accountable for the effects of the acid they spew. Or will it just deepen the trend toward politics and news consumption as brands, with media and political literacy going down the crapper? Stay tuned, but to Fox, Comedy C, both, other?

O'Reilly on Colbert:

O'Reilly and Colbert contd.

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