Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hello! I'm killing your planet (and your children)...and with great insouciance!

Ever wonder how those poor slobs of the old days managed to survive, what without airconditioning in the home, not to mention the car, not to mention having a friggin car! How soft we've become. And at what cost to our children, the planet, and the future of the human race?

Impressive that the propagandists have managed to sway some people into a knee-jerk response to topics and writing like this: just that hippie bullshit! Shame on you, clergy. You should be leading the charge! Things will not change fast enough without the leaders in every community publicizing the importance of this issue.

I honestly think people have no idea where energy comes from and what the consequences are of its production and expenditure. Of all the crap we see and, to a lesser degree, read about Paris Hilton or Brittney Spears, how often are we forced to confront these realties about energy? I'd say not very often if you're not already a singer in the global warming church choir. This is a structural flaw of our market-driven media system. People consume tabloids. Give them what they want if you want your media business to make money. Ah, oh yes, but media is not toasters. This kind of media culture has effects. It sets agendas, it gives us certain things to think about or be distracted by, while others disappear from our radars.

No need for me to repeat the hard work of others here. Please go to the Environmental Defense Fund and learn about the often unseen costs of our electricity use and its production. The EDF are an environmental public interest group founded in 1967, who work for you and your health. Their founding issue was the banning of the DDT pesticide. Right, lunatics, they're some left-wing nutjobs who just want to derail our excellent economy and standard of living! And they want to do it for fun! Plleeaaaaase. If you can't trust groups like this, it's over. I'll become a nihilist.

I also highly recommend some other books and sites.

Heat, by George Monbiot. I'm reading this book right now. It rocks. Not just another book reciting statistic after statisitic, study after study, to show that global warming is a problem. No, this guy is one of the premiere environmental journalists in the world, and has spent loads of time researching how WE CAN CHANGE without completely destroying our standard of living ("our" meaning the post-industrial WEST). Get this book now. Live it.
A couple of serious, critical reviews of this book: here, and here
I will try and review this book when I'm finished with it.

Going Green: A Step-by-step program for lazy asses like you and me who are sticking their heads in the ground to the detriment of their own children and the future of the human race.

Oh, but forget it. Let's skip merrily down the primrose path. I hate gray weather. This sounds cool!


Steve said...

Hi Jayson. It seems these days we have the choir and the deaf. Unfortunately, the choir is small in comparison, and the deaf, besides being unhearing, don't seem to give a good god-damn. I don't know what we do. Your idea of becoming a nihilist is probably one sane reaction. In our lifetime we'll have to live with the results of our uncaring attitude toward the Earth, but it is future generations who will suffer most. Yet the most ignorant seems to be suburban America, land of the breeder caste, whose own behavior is likely to have the most negative consequences for their descendants.

Bang the drum! But I don't have a great deal of hope.

Jayson said...

Hi STeve. Always nice to hear from you. I don't know. I'm not convinced that "the deaf" don't give a good god-damn. I think they don't give a damn about things they believe are not serious. I think they have been exposed to too much propaganda about a "global warming hoax" on one hand, and not enough about the seriousness of the issue and especially what they can do about it. But maybe I'm being naive. I just watch the local and national newscasts and read the local newspapers when I come home to the U.S. to visit, and I don't see how anyone not already in the choir could possibly give a damn. Terrorism is the red alert there. If as much time was spent publicizing the problem of global warming, its sources, and clear solutions to enact on a personal and government basis as is spent publicizing the terrorist threat (which of course is also real), millions might start giving a good god damn about something more than terrorism, abortion, taxes, mexicans and gays. But I won't hold my breath.

Steve said...

From this side of the ocean, I think people think global warming is real, they just think they are powerless to do anything about it. Or, they aren't willing to give up their piece of pie for some nebulous benefit they don't quite understand. Most people don't believe the amount of impact their daily activities have, or, more importantly, care. They are much too concerned with the scandals of the bimbo of the moment. America has become enthralled by the salacious - science is so boring, you know.....