Wednesday, November 05, 2008

5 Reasons Why Obama is Human (not Jesus, or Mohammed)

Shakespeare famously wrote that some men are born into greatness; some achieve greatness; and others have greatness thrust upon them. Political Communication scholars would add that some have communications teams that spend great time and money in constructing greatness.
Barack Obama is a great man, with excellent communication talents, but that is not enough to have won this election alone. Consider these five reasons, and a caveat....
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Jonathan said...

Nicely written. One comment, though, which is that one Republicn wedge issue DID work in the campaign and that's gay marriage. I have heard more than one person speculate that some of those voters that Obama helped to turn out in California were the very same people who pushed proposition 8 over the threshold. For my gay and lesbian friends, Tuesday's election was an ambivalent event.

Jayson Harsin said...

Hi Jon. Absolutely. I meant it didn't become a wedge overtly on the mainstream presidential agenda. The choice may have been between winning the presidency and defeating prop 8 by advocating more in California and on mainstream news and internet. But maybe that's a false dilemma. Perhaps he couldn't done both, but was too scared.